HR-SEARCH: Executive Search Switzerland. Finding the right person for an open position is like winning a sailing regatta. The success depends on:

Factors that can be influenced
Planning, material, process knowledge, tehnique, tacti and experience

Factors that cannot be influenced
The weather and the physical condition of the participants

Best in line for winning the rce is the parrticipant who uses and understands all faators that he can infuence and who is reparde for the factors that cannot be influenced.
HR-SEARCH is a keen player in regattas and winning races. The knowledge of how to find the ideal candidate is similar to the understanding of all factors for the race. 

The consultants from HR-SEARCH are adapting their processes to the particular situation to ensure the rigt person is recruited.Each search mandate is unique for HR-SEARCH. From the planning of the procedures together with the client, the definition of the strategy ad execution of all processes, the team spirit and professional experience of all paticipants are essential. 

The client is always in the team and take part in the race.


Today and in the future, one of the biggest challenges and duties of a director is to get the best people joining their organization. The hiring of leading people with high responsibility, and specialists with expert knowledge, is even more difficult and critical for the future success. Recruiting is sensitive for the company but also for the candidate who is not willing to take too many risks and prefers to stay anonymous. 

HR-SEARCH specializes in profiles that are not easily recognizable and are unlikely to reply to job advertisements:
HR-SEARCH works hand in hand with their client during the whole recruitment process. Using structured processes and proven scripts enables complete transparency throughout the search mandate.

The search mandate is carried out as follows:


We are active in recruiting for over 30 years. Fritz Rechsteiner founded the first company for recruitment in 1981. 

Our consultants are experienced managers of Swiss and international companies and have proven successes in the recruitment of managers and specialists.Understanding the needs of customers, quickly and competently assessing the qualifications of the candidates, professionally assessing the dossiers received, and conducting job-related interviews with the candidates guarantee the successful filling of vacancies. We would be pleased to provide you with references.

Installed in Puidoux, next to the train station and the motorway A9, we are centrally located in the western part of Switzerland (a few minutes from Lausanne or Vevey) and ideally located to conduct interviews discreetly and undisturbed!

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Gregor Hubbuch
Senior Consultant

As Senior Partner in an Executive Search company since 2007, Gregor is an expert in all recruitment aspects with a broad knowledge of the Swiss market. Gregor Hubbuch has an Executive MBA, a Bachelor diploma in economics and has held General Manager and Country Manager Positions in national and international companies and business units. 

Languages: Swiss-German, German, English and French
Michel Botalla
Senior Consultant

With an IT Engineer diploma, Michel has 25 years of experience in IT development as well as in sales and marketing. Carrying a long international experience in team and project management, his main focus since 5 years is recruitment, HR and people training.

Languages: French, German, Swiss-German and English
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